Washington State, particular the Seattle community, is an international hub for relief, development, human rights and peace and reconciliation work. Several of the world's most highly respected international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are based in this area, as well as numerous internationally-recognized universities, advocacy groups, international affairs organizations and for-profit businesses. Many professionals, like physicians, engineers and teacher, have come together to support these efforts.

Many members of the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) work directly in the developing world or support the work of others there, but no formal network exists within or without WSBA to support these efforts. The WSBA World Peace Through Law (WPTL) Section should implement an interactive website to better serve the international community, either as a project of the section or as a project shared in community with like-minded group. (This might be comparable to the work WPTL did in the past with Physicians for Social Responsibility to host the Ralph Bunche awards.)


1. Provide pro bono resources bank of skilled lawyers to local NGOs working in the developing world and those lawyers serving in the developing world
2. Prove networking opportunities for WSBA members and law students working in the developing world to connect with one another
3. Provide opportunities for foreign lawyers visiting Washington State to connect with WSBA lawyers
4. Notify WSBA members of education events pertaining to the developing world
5. Notify WSBA members of volunteer opportunities in the developing world
6. Provide "goods in kind" resources bank for those serving overseas, or in support of Rule of Law initiatives generally
7. Provide resources for lawyers interested in working overseas or taking a sabbatical.


  1. Contacts by region
    1. Latin America and the Caribbean
    2. Europe and Eastern Europe
    3. Africa
    4. Middle East
    5. Asia
    6. SE Asia
  2. Contacts by sectors of expertise
    1. Advocacy
    2. U.S. Incorporation of NGOs and governance
    3. Democracy
      1. Anti-corruption
      2. Administration of Justice
        1. Court administration
        2. Attorney and judge training
        3. Lawyer and judicial ethics
        4. Judicial branch strengthening
      3. Legislative strengthening
        1. Law drafting
        2. Constitution drafting
        3. Improving legislative process
      4. Political party strengthening
      5. Local governance
      6. Ensuring fair and free elections
      7. Access to Justice
      8. Improving public defense
    4. Human Rights
    5. Civil Society and legal literacy
    6. Land rights
    7. Education
    8. Women's Issues
    9. Children's Issues
    10. Microfinance
    11. Health
    12. Mediation & negotiation
    13. Peace & reconciliation
    14. Labor
    15. Contracts
    16. Environment
  3. Contact by groups
    1. NGOs
    2. Universities
    3. Private Practice
    4. Government
  4. Volunteer opportunities
  5. Need for help
    1. Services
    2. Goods in kind
  6. Upcoming Events
  7. Other areas
    1. Interested in changing careers?
    2. Going on sabbatical?
    3. Retirement?
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