2006 Program Calendar

Seattle Events

Year-End Round-up of Human Rights - December 28

The World Peace Through Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association host an annual Year End Roundup of Human Rights on Thursday, December 28, at WSBA's new offices, at Puget Sound Plaza 1325 4th Ave., Ste. 600, Seattle, WA 98101-2539. The program starts at noon; the precise length & the speakers are yet to be determined.


  • Welcome
  • 12:05: Lincoln Miller & Robin Nielsen of RDI: Land law and policy - tools in poverty alleviation
  • 1:00: David Horn Member, Board of Directors - Lambda Legal; Speaking on: Updates on Marriage Equality Legislation and Case Law in the United States and Abroad
  • 2:00: Diane Atkinson Sanford, University of Washington School of Law Speaking on: Health & Human Rights
  • 3:00: Atty Kaplan (ACLU/Seattle) - the law of watchlists

Organizing Committee

  • Darryl Vhugen moc.nsm|neguhv#moc.nsm|neguhv
  • Randy Winn moc.oohay|3002nniwer#moc.oohay|3002nniwer
  • Rob Lindley moc.oohay|yeldnilbor#moc.oohay|yeldnilbor
  • Roxanne Spiegel moc.liamg|legeipsxor#moc.liamg|legeipsxor
  • Tracy Zitnik moc.liamg|kintiz.ycart#moc.liamg|kintiz.ycart
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