2007 Program Calendar

This site is for organizing educational projects about Law and Peace and how one can help the other.

2007 Program Calendar

Seattle Events

  • January 30
  • February 27
  • March 27
  • April 24
  • May 29
  • June 26
  • July 31
  • August 28: Afghanistan's Legal Educators
  • September 25: Paul Richmond on Police Militarization
  • October 30: Jean Carmalt - Introduction to Human Rights & International Law
  • November 27 Roslyn Solomon of Uplift International
  • December 27: Lawyers For Warriors - our Year End Program focusing on the legal needs of our troops, veterans and their families. Note this is Thursday (12/27), not Tuesday (12/25) .

Olympia Events

Interest has been expressed in doing something perhaps in the Temple o' Justice or at Evergreen State

Spokane Events

Interest has been expressed in doing something with Gonzaga

Internet-Based Events

We have a set of videos available at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=9DEAA044055467C6

Organizing Committee

  • Darryl Vhugen moc.nsm|neguhv#moc.nsm|neguhv
  • Eric Clauson ten.nozirev|nosualcle#ten.nozirev|nosualcle
  • Jaime Hawk moc.liamtoh|kwahemiaj#moc.liamtoh|kwahemiaj
  • Randy Winn moc.oohay|3002nniwer#moc.oohay|3002nniwer
  • Rich Lassman ten.oco|namssalr#ten.oco|namssalr
  • Rob Lindley moc.oohay|yeldnilbor#moc.oohay|yeldnilbor
  • Roxanne Spiegel moc.liamg|legeipsxor#moc.liamg|legeipsxor
  • Tracy Zitnik moc.liamg|kintiz.ycart#moc.liamg|kintiz.ycart

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Currently, the events are put together by the Washington State Bar Association's World Peace Through Law Section; however, this site is separate from that organization.

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