How To Apply For Speaker Credit
  • Go to your MCLE record at and log in under your bar number
  • Click on "View current reporting period"
  • If today's event is on the list, skip down to the row of asterisks; otherwise, you'll have to add it using the following steps:
    • Click on "Add Activity"
    • Search for events according to the event date
    • Scroll down to and Click on today's event. Sometimes the event title is the one we advertized; sometimes it's a generic title with "WPTL" in it - it depends on the data entry clerk
    • Click on "Add Activity" (at this point it will have only 1 credit; don't worry…)

OK now we have the event on your list; let's get some speaker credit!

  • Scroll up to the top of the list of activities and
  • Click on "Add Activity"
  • Click on "Speaker or Panelist Prep Credit"
  • Click on today's event
  • Fill out the form and click "Submit"!
  • There will be a delay while the WSBA staff looks at your submission.
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