WSBA Section Procedures

Contact People

  • WSBA Section Liaison: Toni Doane gro.absw|dinot#gro.absw|dinot
  • WSBA CLE Department Seminar Development Specialists:
    • Barbara Konior: gro.absw|karabrab#gro.absw|karabrab
    • Kristen Ponsolle gro.absw|pnetsirk#gro.absw|pnetsirk
  • WSBA Website: Sarah Guthrie gro.absw|gharas#gro.absw|gharas


As Soon As Event Finalized


  • 3 business days before Newsletter content is finalized: Email Section Liaison "heads-up" so she can preschedule mailing list.
  • When Newsletter content ready
    • Email as Word file to Section Liaison
    • Email to listserve as PDF
    • Upload to section "Files" folder
    • Email to Website Developer

Broadcast Email Publicizing CLE

  • Email to WSBA CLE Coordinator

Photocopying handouts

  • Email PDFs or Word documents. 1 week lead time. It's charged to Section at a better rate than commercial services but try to be economical; more than a couple of pages may not be worth the expense.

A/V for CLE

  • Contact CLE Dept ASAP. There's a limited amount of equipment and it's first-come, first-served.


  • Annual Report of Activity (see previous year's)
  • Annual Budget for Next Year (see previous year's)
  • Schedule meeting rooms (WSBA CLE contacts)


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