• WSBA website
Email Wsba Web contact (see contacts)

  • Section newsletter
    • Complete draft 1st Friday of the month; send to eboard for review.
    • Also 1st Friday of the month, send WSBA Section Contact (gro.absw|DinoT#gro.absw|DinoT) the "three-day warning"
    • Wednesday after 1st Friday of the month, send newsletter to WSBA Section Contact
  • WSBA broadcast emails

Typically these go out only to current members of the section with WSBA membership status = active.
These have to go out after the WSBA website is updated so the link works.
Send request to CLE department contact

  • Newsletter online

Upload PDF to section file area

  • Bar News.

IIRC this requires a couple of months of lead time. I haven't done it.

  • Invite members of another section as guests. This would let us get WSBA to broadcast email to them, and get a message on their listserve.
  • A variety of community calendars might be helpful, although it's hard to quantify their impact:

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